Anyone notice the "Blog"...

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Anyone notice the "Blog"...

Post  kj on Wed Jan 02, 2008 9:32 pm

The comment on the blog with the link to this forum has been removed. I wonder why?

The forum format is probably a little more complicated, but it's sure easier to follow a thread and know who (at least by their ID) posted something.



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Post  DentCoFarmer on Wed Jan 02, 2008 11:02 pm

Welcome KJ...
I just went and looked at the ''eye'' blog, and I see that ''url'' is missing.
I guess this wasn't such a good idea after all.

I think this forum is a far far better idea for posting ideas and debating them.

This way we know who we are talking to.

A Blog should actually be a website where the host posts news and/or an opinion, and then we go there and comment on the hosts opinion.

This random chat, arguing with ''no names'' is almost foolish. I noticed the ''urgency'' in being nicer, and not posting tough stuff, a priority this evening. Someone from the outside is pressuring the host for our opinions?

This is how things get swept under the rug in Dent Co...there is someone who can sway common discourse. And, that is sad.

It was a pleasure conversing with you though.
I hope we get the chance again.

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url post on eye

Post  NN on Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:17 am

"Someone from the outside is pressuring the host for our opinions?"
Forgive my ignorance but I don't know what that refers to, can I be enlightened?

I'm guessing the moderator of eye is getting a lot of people sending vulgar personal insults, information they can't legally post, and general harassment from people who think they are totally hidden (cowards). it happens a lot on the net for anyone brave enough to open an access for kids and lowlifes to play maliciously with computers. Them removing the link to this site allows them distance from the posts that can be put here by the same individuals harassing eye who don't have the courage to register here for fear of being caught being malicious. Removing it from eye reduces the posts similar that are bound to show up soon when some of those people find this site. I hope we can keep this forum comments intelligent enough that moderators don't have a lot of work keeping it a sharing of information. I do have some experience with being targeted by kids who don't have supervision or education in manners and people with nothing better to do than cause problems.
So far I'm very impressed with the efforts of the individuals who set this up (and eye) and keep it legal enough to stay on line. I've seen no edits of posted comments due to opinions that are bound to conflict with the moderators'. Allowing a post they disagree with intensely is not something everyone will do. Being impartial is a rare human quality and likely very hard to maintain, I'm sure I can't do as well as i see them do. They seem to be doing great from what I see.
We "own" this forum in the respect that we choose who we share the url. When/if it gets more popular it will be difficult to keep spammers from posting to advertise and maliciously interrupt the honest people who use this to learn and share.

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Re: Anyone notice the "Blog"...

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