Thanks Patriot Guard, Local Law

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Thanks Patriot Guard, Local Law

Post  DentCoFarmer on Sat Jan 05, 2008 11:16 pm

Thank you to the Patriot Guard, who rode in, on a very cold cold day to escort and protect Pvt. Blacks family at the Mortuary and at the Burial Grounds.

Also thank you to the Church Groups that raised the boards, to separate the Family of the Deceased Hero, from Evil or Very Mad Fred Phelps and his horned elves Evil or Very Mad .

God Bless the Family and Rest in Peace, Pvt. Black.
Thanks to Law Enforcement in Salem, and the ever ready Patriot Guard for keeping the peace.

''If I'd had known they ( Twisted Evil Fred and his Church mice Twisted Evil )were coming, I'd have asked my wife to bake a cake.'', said the DCF.

''And, I'd have slipped the cake a surpise filling bom .'', he added.


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